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Mobile Branch 3.0 Enjoy it now!

Bank Respublikas Mobile Branch 3.0 is a fully updated mobile app for managing your banking products and services from anywhere all around the world.

NFC (contactless) payments now available in your Mobile Shoba in one touch!

Bank Respublika is now offering the ability to make NFC payments through Mobile Shoba application. NFC (Near Field Communication) is an innovative contactless payment technology, which enables POS payments from your smartphones without any physical use of cards. The transactions use digital card number (virtual token), while ensuring safety of your private data. To perform a contactless payment, you simply need to hold the back of your smartphone close to POS terminal.

Mobile Branch features:

You can perform basic financial operations at any time of the day, in a safe environment, without visiting the bank.

Now, even if you're not our customer, you can still become a user of Mobile Branch app by registering with your cell phone number. By adding a card of any other local bank, you can turn Mobile Branch into an e-wallet. You can perform transfers, pay utilities and other necessary services through the app.

A wide range of financial products management options became available to bank customers. Manage your plastic cards, accounts, deposits and loans. Make transfers to the cards of local and foreign banks. Send and receive money through Western Union and Vektor. Create automatic payments and customize your templates to pay for utilities and recurring payments. Our customers also have the opportunity to attach cards of other local banks in e-wallet mode.

Mobile Branch 3.0 is a new level of flexibility in managing your finances.

How to join Mobile Branch?

Customers of Bank Respublika:

Download the Mobile Branch app and register by entering your card details without visiting a bank. Just select "Register with a card" option.
Also, customers of the Bank can register by receiving the appropriate password in any of the Bank's branches.

Non-customers of Bank Respublika:

Simply install the app to your smartphone and register with your cell phone number. Then you can use the app as an e-wallet by adding a card of another bank and order any Bank Respublika card to benefit from all available user functions.

All functions:

Digital card
NFC payments
Plastic Card Report
Automatic payments and transfers
Report on current accounts
Deposit Report
Top up card and account balance
Card to Card operations
Card to Account operations
Loan repayment schedules
Credit payments
Payment of utility services
Payment for mobile services
Payment of state. To authorities (State Duty Insurance / Mortgage)
Cash by Code service
Creating payment templates.
Card Lock
List of partners
Currency Rates
Domestic money transfers using the Vektor system
Convenient currency calculator
Order a plastic card
Booking a visit to the bank office using the Mobil Vizit option
Adding third-party bank cards
Transfers to cards of foreign banks
Transfers via Western Union
Online card ordering
Online loan order
Online ordering of a plastic card
Online ordering an additional card
Money transfers by contacts
Money transfers by QR code

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