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Apply for an appliance, furniture or gadget loan through the AEON Philippines Mobile App, simply tap Apply Loan, fill up the form, submit required documents and confirm your contact number. Wait for your approval then pick-up your item from your preferred AEON partner store.
Existing AEON Philippines customers can also apply for a Cash Loan through the AEON Philippines Mobile App, using an exclusive retention code sent directly to the AEON customer via SMS.

As an AEON Philippines customer, you may check your existing and previous account records through the AEON Philippines Mobile App. Check out your balance, payment history and account status through the AEON Mobile App account dashboard.

Avail of the most exciting promotions and exclusive AEON offers through the AEON Philippines Mobile App. Apply and claim your loan to get amazing deals from AEON and our partner stores.

1.Tap Apply Loan
2.Fill-up the form
3.Upload 2 Valid IDs
a.Employed proceed to Step 4
b.Remittance upload additional documents: proof of billing and 3 consecutive months of latest proof of remittance
c.Business Owners upload additional documents: proof of billing, proof of income and DTI or Mayors Permit of the declared business
4.Follow the face recognition process
5.Wait for the OTP through your mobile number
6.Follow the Captcha instructions then submit
7.Wait for the approval of your application, tap the push notification
8.Fill-up the pre-claim form, which includes character references
9.Then a list of stores will come up as reference to where you can claim your item
10.Visit your preferred store, choose preferred brand and model to proceed with claiming through the AEON Sales Promoter

The AEON Philippines Mobile App does not require access to your phonebook.
The AEON Philippines Mobile App does not require access to your messages and email accounts.
The AEON Philippines Mobile App does not store images and data on your phone, so your data is safe even if you lose your device.
The AEON Philippines Mobile App will only access your camera and gallery to upload photo documentation requirement during application.

AEON Credit Service Philippines and its international affiliates strictly follows international and local data privacy laws and measures to protect its customers data.

AEON Credit Service (Philippines) Inc.
SEC Registration CS201300789 CA No. 1055
Please study the terms and conditions before proceeding with any transaction.

To learn more about the AEON Philippines Mobile App visit:
To learn more about AEON Credit Service (Philippines) Inc. visit:

For customer concern please contact:
Contact Number: +632 86311399
Email Address:

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- Interest Rate: 2.95%/month
- Annual Percentage Rate: 36.73%
- Min-Max Loan Period is 6 to 12 months
- Min-Max Loan Amount: 6,000.00 - 150,000.00 PHP
- Fees:
- Processing Fee:
- Paid on first month of installment
- 3% of Amount to Loan or 800.00 PHP whichever is higher
- Lower interest rate and processing fee for applications with promo

Representative Example of the Total Cost of the Loan:

Amount to Loan: 24,000.00 PHP
Term: 12 months
Interest Rate: 2.95%/month
Processing fee: 800.00 PHP

Sample Monthly Repayment - 2700 per month.

Principal + Interest + Processing Fee (1st month only)

1. 1,592.05 + 1,203.95 + 800 = 3,596
2. 1,575.92 + 1,124.08 = 2,700
3. 1,654.97 + 1,045.03 = 2,700
4. 1,737.99 + 962.01 = 2,700
5. 1,825.18 + 874.82 = 2,700
6. 1,916.74 + 783.26 = 2,700
7. 2,012.89 + 687.11 = 2,700
8. 2,113.86 + 586.14 = 2,700
9. 2,219.90 + 480.10 = 2,700
10. 2,331.27 + 368.73 = 2,700
11. 2,448.21 + 251.79 = 2,700
12. 2,571.03 + 128.97 = 2,700

Total Cost of Loan: 32,496.00 PHP
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