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Where the asphalt ends, the world of KOMPASS begins. The whole world of KOMPASS exists in our KOMPASS hiking app. This means access to real hiking maps and over 6000 editorially approved hiking tours - offline storage included.

It does not matter how many miles you go, but what you experience together. For this claim, the APP supports you in your projects with perfect cartography and all the functions you need for the inspiration, planning and recording of a tour. All functions at a glance:

The real hiking map
A hiking trail is not a via ferrata and not every alp leads a mountain bike trail. This information is easy to read in our maps. Anyone who has ever traveled with KOMPASS maps in nature will not be happy with bad cartography. Plan with the clear original map of KOMPASS with a marked road network you always stay on the right track.

Your offline map always ready
Go offline and relax? No problem: Our offline map will always show you where you are without internet - and where you need to go. You decide which map section you would like to have available offline.

KOMPASS certified tours
Quality - not just quantity! Find your new favorite tour from our more than 1,000 successful print products and save your favorite tours as a personal favorite.

Unlimited planning and saving tours
Only you know your destination, we know the way there. Whether you want to hike for an hour, a day or a week, KOMPASS brings you to your destination. With our tour planner you can plan and save as many tours as you want.

The perfect match
A real hiking map never runs out of battery and you do not need a network. KOMPASS offers you the same map picture in the APP as on the KOMPASS hiking maps in printed form. This makes it easier for you to orient yourself and does not distract you unnecessarily.

Plan from the desktop
You can also create the perfect planning on our homepage. With features like the tour filter and a larger map section, it's even more fun.

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