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About this app:

Fitgalaxy is an online nutrition and fitness platform which helps users in achieving sustainable fitness - which includes fat loss, muscle gain, preventing lifestyle diseases such as PCOD, PCOS, thyroid malfunctions, diabetes / prediabetes, heart conditions, hypertension etc!

We believe in helping our users get fit with no shortcuts - with nutrition plans that are balanced, easy to follow and based only on 100% whole foods that are locally available (no fad diets like keto / low carb, fancy food, processed / packaged food or supplements on our platform), exercises that are intense but simple to learn and can be performed anywhere (with HD video instructions) and lifestyle changes including factors like sleep timing, sunlight exposure and motivation.

We have a team of qualified nutritionists and fitness coaches on the platform. We have built an inhouse database of 10,000+ food items with highly accurate nutrition information (calories, protein, carbs, fat, micronutrients and serving sizes) and 250+ HD exercise videos with instructions that we use to make our plans. We do close monitoring of our clients through our app, website, email, whatsapp, video calls and phone calls!

All our users are given targets for nutrition (calories, macronutrients, number of fruits and vegetables), exercise (strength exercises and cardio), sleep (sleep timing and duration), sunlight (indirect vs direct sunlight) that we set.

Users can track their nutrition for free including calories, macronutrients for different serving sizes and types for almost every Indian food item from our database. They can also track their performance on each type of exercise - bodyweight, freeweight, machine based exercises, cardio, running etc - to ensure that they progress continously and challenge their body to achieve higher levels of fitness. We also have enabled tracking of sleep (with quantitative and qualitative targets which we set) and sunlight which is vital to producing vitamin D, regulating your circadian rhythm and your mood.

What Fitgalaxy offers -
1. Guidance by your personal nutritionist and fitness coach over Fitgalaxy app, website, whatsapp, email, phone and video calls.
2. Customised nutrition plan based on 100% whole Indian food that is easily available - no fancy ingredients, processed food or supplements. Each item's calories, protein, carbs, fat and serving sizes are taken from our own database of 10000+ food items and balanced for each user
3. Exercise plan based on bodyweight and freeweight exercises that can be performed anywhere. Each exercise has an HD video with instructions from our own database of 250+ exercises
4. Lifestyle plan with sleep timings and targets, sunlight targets and guidelines to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine
5. Weekly reviews and monitoring including tracking of food eaten and exercises on app by the nutritionist and fitness coach to ensure that you are on track with achieving sustainable fitness.

We provide complete guidance in our 1 month, 3 month or 6 month plans to get our users highly fit and healthy!

Apart from this, users can enjoy our well researched knowledge articles that give you information on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes that are required to achieve sustainable fitness!

We look forward to making everyone achieve their fitness goals the right way with nutrition, exercise, sleep, sunlight and lifestyle changes - preventing lifestyle diseases and reclaiming your health!

Video credits: Banga studios
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