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Zombie Alfa Run - The Walking Brain. Become the Alfa Zombie - the best and the strongest zombie among all. As the prime one you have to eat all the brain before anybody does (so they won't become too powerful). Being the first in the crowd has got its advantages but you have to remain aware and stay focused. One mistake turn you into the crowd member instead of epic Alfa Zombie.

Zombie Alfa Run is a fast, addictive Runner game, where you are the Zombie. You are eating brains, you are the bad guy. Run as far as you can, avoid traps and obstacles and beat your friends.

Rules are simple. Eating brains gives you power that may unleash super power form that lets you crush all the obstacles. But be careful - if you are not in super form you can be stopped by any bigger object - they can kill you or just slow you down. Luckily you can upgrade yourself with powerful mutations as well as single use utilities that can help you in crucial moments of the run. There are nearly 200 mutations and 15 single use abilities that you can use.

Daily quests will let you gain additional brains and extra rewards for playing. So stay focused, don't let anybody catch you and eat all the brains.

Possibly best zombie runner in the galaxy!

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