Vr Real Feel Motorcycle 4.0 6.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

All Android devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat) and Bluetooth Smart/4 can
download this app, but we cannot guarantee that it will work on all Android

To find out more, please visit our website: https://www.vr-entertain.com.This app is FREE to play.

** Turn the "Bluetooth" and "Location" settings to "ON" to connect with the Bluetooth controller.

With VR Real Feel Motocross, you'll be racing against other bike riders through

stunts and jumps and twists and turns! 8 different courses to race, including

indoor, outdoor, and even road courses! Level up and unlock new bikes with

different performance characteristics, new track levels as you move up in the

race campaign! Free app download from Google Play. VR headset also works

with hundreds of other free VR games available for download!

- VR Real Feel Motocross comes with everything you need to start racing -

VR headset, free Android app, and a Bluetooth handlebar for ultimate


- Use your Bluetooth handlebars to race and unlock 8 different motorcycles,

including an ATV each with different performance characteristics! Unlock

over 8 different tracks with 4 levels each as you level up!

-The Max Force Feedback in the handlebars lets you feel every bump and

jump or when you crash into other bikes or obstacles for even more


- Our VR headset has a comfortable foam face, adjustable straps, and an

adjustable phone cradle that will hold up larger phones. Additionally, you


can use our headset with your Android phone with hundreds of other free

VR apps available on Google Play.

- Easy setup - download the free app from Google Play. Minimum OS

requirement is Android 4.4. Put 3 AAA batteries (not included) into the

handlebar. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and place your smartphone

in the headset & race!


- Turn on your handlebars, launch the VR Real Feel Motocross App; press the

Scan button to connect.

For Best Performance:

Turn off other active apps on your Android Phone.

Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.

Adjust the harness of the headset to fit your head

Keep your handlebars upright and play through the tutorial level to learn how to


After playing for 20 minutes, take a 5-minute break to avoid any feelings of


Screen Shorts

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