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About this app:

Voice memo personal assistant is the only app that allows you to save and search your notes by voice.
Using speech recognizer and text to speech technology, your voice is converted to text that can be saved as a note or used to search for a note.

You can store passwords, phone numbers, appointments, recipes, procedures, lists, etc.

Supports all languages supported by google's speech recognizer.

Extremely simple, extremely powerful. Just a single page app. No settings, one key to press. The algorithm will do all the work for you.
All notes are shown on the screen and are accessible as a list for consultation.

Notes can be added to phone calendar or exported to Whatsapp, notepad, email, phone, bluetooth...

Fully editable database.

Press the microphone button and record your voice. If needed, you can modify your registration and then save it as text.
Using your voice, you can then ask to retrieve your registration. You don't have to use a particular code, ask a normal question, as if you were talking to a person.
Voice Memo Personal Assistant uses a powerful algorithm based on the functioning of the human mind, it finds the record and converts it into spoken voice output.

Registration: The boots are in the green box in the garage.
Question: where did I put my boots?
Answer: The boots are in the green box in the garage.
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