ssVivy 1.54.0 1.54.0 Apk Free Download Updated Version

Vivy 1.54.0 1.54.0 Apk Free Download Updated Version

Take your health into your hands today. Vivy is your personal tool to help you achieve your best possible health.

Vivy is free for you! Download and connect with us today.


Never miss out on our offers:
Connect with us on Vivy and receive health related information and offers that are more relevant to you.

Test and manage your health:
Find out if you are prone to typical lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, COPD and asthma.Get support to quit smoking, lose weight or adhere to your drug medication plan.

Vivy is intended for users who are 16+ years old


Data protection:
Every Vivy user account is doubly protected against unauthorized access by a so-called two-factor authentication: In addition to the personal password, the user account must be linked to your smartphone. This coupling is done via SMS.

Data security:
Vivy uses multiple encryptions to ensure that personal and health data is securely stored at all times. All the health data are stored only in your device and will never be transmitted to vivy or your insurance.


In order to use our service, you have to enter your health data. Of course, all your health data is stored safely and encrypted and will never be shared with your health insurance.

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