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If youre doing any sort of vocal productions (vocal tracks, podcasts, voice-overs, etc.), you need to add iZotopes Nectar 3 to your audio arsenal and most of all, you need to learn how to use it! iZotopes powerful suite of modules gives you access to all the effects you could possibly need for polishing vocals, and with version 3, it now includes a new assistant feature to let you automate the process. This course, by producer and trainer Joshua Carney, dissects all of Nectar's different modules one-by-one, offering the kind of in-depth exploration that you just cant get anywhere else.

Youll learn about the Vocal Assistant, the Pitch and Harmony modules, the De-esser, the Gate and Compressor. Youll discover all about the powerful dynamic 24-band EQ. Youll learn how to slightly warm up your vocals, or completely decimate them with the Saturate module. Youll gain the skills needed to create space, depth and width to your tracks using the Dimension, Delay and Reverb modules. You will also learn how to fine-tune your vocals with Melodyne Essential (included with Nectar 3), how to use the Breath-Control, and more

So join audio expert Joshua Carney in this in-depth course and get your vocal tracks sounding the best that they can be with Nectar 3. There is no better way to learn iZotopes powerful vocal toolset than this video manual!

This course is also published one our education websites (macProVideo, macprovideo) and Ask.Video (AskVideo, askvideo).

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iZotopes Nectar 3 is a complete set of tools specifically designed to produce amazing-sounding vocals and special effects. Learn to take your vocal tracks to the next level in this course by audio expert Joshua Carney.
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