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Discover the wonders of a new digital universe! Create your space today - it's FREE!

Uhive is an entirely new multi-layered social network that introduces a new dimension to the world of social media. Socialise, interact and find people across the world who share the same interests as you! Create your space [profile] under your favourite interest(s) and get rewarded based on your level of engagement with Uhive tokens - the networks very own digital currency!

Be a part of the future of social networking!

What makes us stand out?

Uhive puts you in control of your data, were a social network built for YOU, not corporate bottom lines
Earn Uhive tokens [HVE] which can be used to tip other users, make peer-to-peer transactions, purchase awards and badges, buy additional profile spaces, reserve profile names and so much more!
...and from March 31st, 2021 Uhive tokens will be traded on a tier-1 cryptocurrency exchange, meaning tokens can be bought, sold or traded!
Built-in direct messaging and group chats, as well as 26 different communities to engage with, means youre always having the conversations that interest you
The Free World; a place where you can be whoever you want to be, and remain completely anonymous. No tracking, no intrusive algorithms, No data mining, No limits!

Create your own space(s):

A 'space' defines your 'personal profile' or 'location' and holds significant value. Its a place where you can express your thoughts, post comments and share ideas.

Own Uhive tokens:

Uhive Token [HVE] is a network-integrated digital currency that is built on the ERC-20 blockchain and is limited in supply!

The token is easy to buy though in-app purchases using Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, BTC or ETC (this will only be possible until March 31st, 2021)

Create your space now and enjoy instant rewards!

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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/uhive/

You can email us directly at: support@uhive.com

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