TwoDots - A Google Pixel 2 inspired KLWP theme v2017.Nov.02.07

Twodots - A Google Pixel 2 Inspired Klwp Theme V2017.nov.02.07 4.4 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

About this app:

NOTICE: This is not a standalone application. It requires that you purchase the KLWP Pro key. Link:

This is a Kustom Live Wallpaper made to look like the home screen of the new Pixel 2.

Music Controls! You can control the music in a screen that looks like it was made to fit in with the rest of the home screen.

Weather Screen! View the weather in a quick glance, with easy access to more information.

Customizable Info! The content of the glance (area at the top) can be changed.

Colors! You can now customize the color of every component.

Night Mode! You can now darken you home screen with the press of a button. Wallpapers, glance colors, search bar colors,
and many more can be customized and changed by dark mode.

Navigation Bar Adjustments! You can lower and raise this theme to accommodate phones with different sized navigation bars, even those with no navigation bars.

To use:
1. Make sure you have KLWP, KLWP Pro Key, Nova Launcher (free works fine), and this app installed.

2. Open this app and click on the wallpaper. This will open it in KLWP.

3. Click the "save" icon in the top right corner.

4. Press your home button. If prompted, set Nova Launcher as default launcher and go through first time set up, selecting "light", "immersive", and "swipe up".

5. If not prompted to complete the first time setup, turn on the swipe up to open option in the "App & Widget Drawers" section.

6. Exit that section, and enter the "Dock" section. Press the toggle switch in the top right corner to disable the dock.

7. Exit that section, and go to the "Desktop" section. Change your desktop grid to 7x5 with subgrid positioning checked. Change the width padding to Large.

8. Press the home button to exit, and open the KLWP app again.

9. Swipe across the bottom to get to the "Globals" section to modify settings.

10. After you modify the settings you would like to change, tap the save icon and press the home button. Enjoy!

Some features require Nova Launcher. The rounded icons shown in the screenshot are currently only available as "adaptive icons" in the Nova Launcher beta.
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v2017.Nov.02.07 4.25-
4.4 and upNovember 2, 2017500+Electronicbrain Studios
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