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About this app:

The TrackonBlack application provides access to new sound format "tob". User can playback and record sound in wav(wave, pcm) and tob formats, and convert wav files to tob files.
Tob is a new lossy sound format based on the following physical principle: relative values are significant. It compress sound with rather good ratio (4 and 8 times) keeping rather good sound quality. Tob encoding doesn't use Fourier transform and its analogues.

The application is designed for smartphones. r>It works with only 44100 and 48000 sample rate sound.
Recording works only for mono 44100.
Time of record is limited by 2 hours per one file.
Recording is possible only into empty files.

At the first opening the application creates a working folder "TrackonBlack" in the main folder "Music" in the phone storage (or in the SDcard for some devices). Also an empty file for recording "New record" is created.

The application provides access to subfolders and files in its working folder TrackonBlack similar as any file dispatcher does it. But You can only view files and folders. So You need another application (a standard file dispetcher) for creating, renaming, moving and deleting files and subfolders.

User guide:
To open a folder or a file - touch its title. To close - use Back key.
To start/stop playback of the file - touch at the left end of the file title.
To change the time position - move a finger to the right or to the left along
the file title at its right part.
Empty files provides the similar interface for recording instead of playback: to start/stop recordind - touch at the left end of the file title.

Using menu:
For empty files - to change their format.
For nonempty files - to split the file.
For nonempty files - to join next file of the same kind.
For nonempty wav files - to convert stereo to mono.
For nonempty wav files - to convert to tob format.

Your attempt to convert a file named "name.wav" to mono or to another format will be succeed if and only if the file named "name mono.wav" or "name.tob" doesn't exist. It prevents inadvertent overwriting of the existing files. You need to make something before in file dispatcher: rename or move existing file which doesn't allow make conversion.
Also Your attempt to split a file named "name.wav" will not be succeed if there exists a file named "name_.wav".
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