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Game Rules of Tonk:

Players and Cards

Objective of Tonk is to eliminate your cards by forming them into spreads, meaning either 3 or 4 identical cards, or 3 or more sequentially in the same suit. During the game a player may add to their own spread, or an opponents spread. Play ends when a player has no cards left.

Tonk is played by 2 or 3 players. The dealer deals five cards face down, and one at a time to each player in a clockwise direction. The rest of the cards are stacked and kept in the center as the draw pile. The topmost card is placed face up to initiate the discard pile, next to the draw pile.

1) Normal turn consist of two parts :
a) Draw - You must begin by taking one card either the Face-Up
or Face Down pile
b) Discard - To complete your turn, one card must be discarded
from your hand

2) The goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards by spreading Sets or Sequences.
3) Also you can get rid of cards by hitting opponents Spread


1) If anyone knocks, the player with the least points win.

2) If you put down a new SPREAD, you cannot knock on your next three turns.

3) If you hit someone by adding a card to their SPREAD, then you cannot KNOCK at your next turn.

4) You can also win by getting rid of all the cards. Anytime that you have no cards in your hand, you automatically win without needing to KNOCK.


1) Any Player whose initial hand contains 49, 50 declared winner immediately (Tonk) and shows their cards.

2) If more than one player has 49 or 50, the hand is DRAW.

End of the play

1) Any player whose initial hand contains 49 or 50 points wins the game automatically and is paid twice the basic stake by each of the other players. If more than one player has 49 or 50, the hand is a draw - there are no payments

2) Any player who gets rid of all their cards without a final discard wins the game and is paid a double stake by each other player.

3)Any player who runs out of cards by discarding their last card wins the game and is pays the basic stake.

4) When you KNOCK and if you have the lowest point count, then you win the game.

5) When you KNOCK and if you DONT have the lowest point count, then you loose the game and you pay twice the basic stake to everyone who has an equal or lower count.

6) The stock runs out. The player with the lowest count wins the game.

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