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About this app:

This App contains NO IN APP purchases. Great for learning your Taekwondo Theory. It is a new app registered May 2018. This Handbook is great value for money and will support many Taekwondo students around the world. This app is very user friendly and will benefit both Adult & Junior Taekwondo students.

This app is very easy to navigate and will certainly increase your knowledge and help students study the theory of Taekwondo quickly & easily. Download now and start developing your Taekwondo knowledge and understand the theory.

Challenge your knowledge through the quiz. The quiz engages you and can be used as a guide for measuring your progressive Taekwondo knowledge. Making it interactive, fun and engaging

Unlike many Apps who charge extra, this Taekwondo ITF Theory Handbook is complete and provides excellent detail.

Further updates and additional information will be added over time.

This app has been designed to support students and improve their knowledge. Many students find studying the theory of Taekwondo difficult, however this app takes you through the process belt by belt, building and developing your knowledge bit by bit.

The App includes the following:

* Taekwondo Introduction, History of Taekwondo
* Korean Translations for kicking, blocks, attacking moves, stances etc...
* Taekwondo Quiz - Grade Specific
* Technical detail for stances
* Symbol of Patterns, Pattern meaning, No of moves
* Belt colour meaning
* Questions you will or may need to know for each grading
* What maybe physically expected at each grading level
* Additional information relating to the pattern
* Taekwondo Philosophy
* Tips & recommended other forms of exercise
* Tips to compliment your Taekwondo training

Traditional Taekwondo, typically the martial art established in the 1950s and 1960s in South Korea. WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) students will find this app has very useful information.

This app will provide new, existing & experienced Taekwondo students with plenty of information/theory. The app provides theory only, however this is a big part of your journey to become a good Taekwondo student. Be the best.

Over time additional information will be added free of charge.

Additional information Included in this app is ITF Theory, Introduction and overview of Taekwondo, theory for belts, extended history of the patterns, expectations of a grading tips and recommendations.

This app has a lot of very useful information and has been designed to help young children and adults learn more than is expected. The more you understand the theory the more the practical makes sense and the more competent you will become.

This app has been produced based on ITF style Taekwondo and the information provided has been based on the experience of completing a 1st Degree Black Belt. It is also important to understand that different organisations may ask additional questions or may request slightly different information from the ITF student, however generally the vast majority of information provided in this app will be generic on a world-wide basis.

If you are on twitter you can follow the author on @Taekwondotheory

Please do contact the author if you have any comments or suggestions to improve/develop the app further. You can email teakwondotheory@gmail.com

Please do review your feedback is very important.

This app has been produced to support many fellow Taekwondo Students with much needed extra detail. Enjoy the App

Tae Kwon!!

Download now and start developing your Taekwondo knowledge and understand the theory. You will learn Korean translations, Taekwondo Quiz, Pattern symbols, History of Patterns, Introduction to Taekwondo, Taekwondo Philosophy, Taekwondo Stances, Taekwondo History, Further history and information regarding the Patterns, Practical grading information, Tips & recommended other forms of exercise.
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