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Build a defensive line with a powerful tower and defend your lands.Protect your lands using quick thinking and an arsenal of awesome TD weapons. Time of battle is back. Download and enjoy the best among war strategy games.Your lands has been surrounded by tanks. Take your heart, choose a good strategy and you may change the war.You have one choice: defend, defend, defend. Are you ready? We invite you to play one of the best strategy game in the mobile games industry. How to choose a good strategy?1 - Define the Problem.2 - Think Logically.3 - Analyze.4 - Attack and Kill'Em all :)*****How to play*******Objective**Protect road(s) from enemy attacks. When an enemy is defeated, you will earn money and experience points. Spend your money to upgrade towers or build more towers. Tower type and position is the essential strategy of the game. Spend experience points to use super powers or permanent tower upgrades.**Towers**Build towers to stop enemies. Every tower has different effect. For example "Machine Gun" has little effect on tanks but very effective on other enemies. Check in game help screen for more information.**Tower Building**You have two optionsa) Drag&Drop : Tap and hold any tower on bottom menu and move to available area.b) Tap&Build : Tab on any available area, select tower and confirm.**Tower Upgrade**Every tower has 3 upgrade level. Upgrade effects towers attack, effect radius and reload times.To upgrade, tap on desired tower and click upgrade icon.**Tower Settings**Tap on desired tower and click settings icon. Select one of following options:First Contact : First contacted enemy will be main target. (default for all towers)Last Contact : Last contacted enemy will be main target.Fastest : Fastest enemy in attack radius will be main target.Slowest : Slowest enemy in attack radius will be main target.Strongest : Strongest enemy in attack radius will be main target.Weakest : Weakest enemy in attack radius will be main target.**Main Target**Tap on enemy or click target button(strongest enemy will be selected) to select enemy. Selected enemy will be main target for all towers. You can select previous or next enemy from bottom menu.**Super Powers**Every super power uses experience points and needs time to re-use.Slow : (blue cloud icon) Slows down all enemies for a limited time. Acid : (green cloud icon) Acid damage for a limited time.Air Strike : (multiple rocket icon) Kills all visible enemies...
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