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About this app:

One of the main workloads of many companies is to realize the inventory of existing stocks.
This application was developed to minimize this workload.

With Smart Inventory, you can count your current stocks quickly via barcode reader camera and you can share your Inventory as an ".xls" file.

Who can use it? : All small and medium-sized enterprises that carry goods and take inventory can use it.

How to take inventory? : From the "Inventory" menu,just press the new button. Then scan the barcode with the Barcode Reader Cam or type the barcode number manually and write down the amount of the count.

Why is a User Name required? : Large amount of goods can be counted simultaneously with different devices. When the files created by file sharing are put together, the user name has been deemed necessary in order to facilitate the reference to the addresses that the relevant user has counted for control purposes.

Why are Camera and File Access Permissions required? : The Smart Inventory app uses your camera to read barcodes only. File Access Permission is requested to share the inventory as a file.

Which Barcode formats can I define? : You can define all barcodes in the international standard. Even SquareCodes!

I have a different product range from the same barcode. Can I still define it? : Yes! You can also use the same barcode for multiple products. The system will provide you an option of which product you would like to count during take inventory.

Thank you!
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