Speed Reading Game Pro 4.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

"Speed reading game" application helps you to train your reading skill. It focuses on the visual span, length of the string of characters that our eyes are able to capture in one eye movement. Improving this knowledge help you to read faster and keep good understanding of read text. It also trains concentration and short term memory.

"Speed reading game" shows for the short time numbers, or combination of numbers and letters. You have to catch it and repeat it in correct order. If you catch at least 50% of the one game (10 tests), new level unlock.
Game difficulty starts with reading speed 150 characters per minute and increases a little every level. Master achievement is around 650 characters per minute.

Please note, that you shouldn't overload your mind and eyes during your practicing. You achieve best improvement of your reading skill on daily base usage.

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