Speed Camera (sydney) 8.3 4.2 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Assist user to detect speed and traffic light cameras on the road and alert instantly to user before 1-3km ahead, so user has sufficient time to slow down car speed to avoid any penalty.

- Fully automated detection system
- Default Alert is based on camera location provided by Transport Department
- Custom Alert allows user to define their own checkpoint alert similarly to functionality in Default Alert
- Trigger Distance alert in 2km, 1km and 500 meters respectively
- Trigger Overspeed alert only if your speed is exceeded the speed limit.
- Auto instant update alert data on the air for subscriber
- Auto start up detection when system recognize that youre in driving mode
- Full human voice alert

- GPS must be turn on for detection base on current devices location
- Allow permission to access devices location for Android 6.0 or above

Screen Shorts

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