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About this app:

All the Spanish spelling rules in the palm of your hand!

This full version has all the spelling rules reflected by RAE (Real Academia Espaola).

The publishing company Editorial La Calesa presents a new and very useful application for smartphones and tablets. A simple and intuitive tool that allows you to check the most important Spanish spelling rules quickly and easily.

Once installed requires no internet connection.

Never hesitate again between using "B" or "V" or is you should put an "H" or not. It has always hard to understand the rules for the "G" and "J", "LL" and "Y", C and Z and many others. But not only that. This application also shows clearly, and with examples, rules for capitalization, accentuation of diphthongs and hiatuses triphthongs, the diacritic tilde, punctuation, commas, dialogues, questions and exclamations, abbreviations and many others. All explained in a brief, clearly and even with several examples of each one. Also has exceptions and circumstances.

It has a complete index from which you can easily locate the type of rule you need to check.

It also incorporates a "widget" that will randomly remember you from time to time all the rules contained.


The B
The V
The G
The J
The H
The Y
The LL
The M
The R
The RR
The X
The C
The Z
General Capitals
Capitals in words or phrases
Initial capitals punctuation
Initial capitals category
Initial capitals
Initial lowercase
Capital expressive use
General Accentuation
Accentuation of diphthongs
Accentuation of triphthongs
Accentuation of hiatuses
Accentuation of monosyllables
Diacritical tilde.
Accentuation of composed voices
Accentuation of latino voices
Accentuation of foreign voices
Capitals Accentuation
Punctuation. The point
Punctuation. The comma
Punctuation. The colon
Punctuation. The semicolon
Punctuation. Suspension points
Punctuation. Interrogation and exclamation
Punctuation. Parentheses
Punctuation. Brackets
Punctuation. The streak
Punctuation. The quotes
Punctuation. The umlaut
Punctuation. The script
Punctuation. Bar
Punctuation. The apostrophe
Punctuation. Paragraph
Punctuation. Asterisk
Punctuation. Curly brackets
Punctuation. Non linguistic uses
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