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Sleep better, relax & meditate with Sleep Theory, a healthy sleep app. Track sleep using your phone from bedtime to morning and start your day feeling energized with an intelligent alarm clock and sleep tracker. Listen to soothing sleep sounds, relax melodies & white noise to help you fall asleep fast, relieve insomnia and sleep better!

Key Features:

All Kinds Of Sleep Sounds
White Noise - fan noise, rain sounds and all nature sounds or soundscapes
Relax Melodies - piano, classical music, post rock
Different Sleep Stories at bedtime to fall asleep fast every day.
Meditation Guides to calm anxiety and into deep sleep.

Sleep Tracker & Sleep Recorder
Track Your Sleep Cycles - An average sleep is a combination of 90-minute sleep cycles which include the doze stage, light sleep, deep sleep and rapid eye movement.
Get Your Sleep Score - Generate sleep report every day to record your sleep schedule, sleep notes, wake up mood, sleep quality, deep and light sleep, etc. Analyze sleep state and quality throughout the night, manage sleep based on daily score.
Smart Alarm Clock - Automatically wakes you up while you're in your light sleep phase.
Long-Term Sleep Analysis &sleep tracker trends
Develop A Healthy Sleep Schedule - Sleep Theory generates your exclusive sleep schedule after analyzing your sleep time and wake-up time.
Smart Reminder For Bedtime - Remind you to sleep on time. Avoid the difficulty of going to bed or forgetting the sleep time due to overwork, entertainment and other activities.

More Features:

Free Bluelight Filter
Sleep Theory provides warmlight night screen in order to ensure eye care against light blue wavelength from screen light.
Beautiful widgets
Show your sleep data every day.

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