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About this app:

SkyTest Preparation App for DLR BU/GU Screening

Comprises all features of SkyTest desktop suite
Multilingual: English and German
Minimum screen resolution of 1280x800 recommended

SkyTest Preparation App for DLR BU/GU has been developed for bothab initio and ready entry pilotsand contains the38 modules introduced below.The software also features most recent tools to hone preparation experience and outcome like theSkyTest Training Assistantand the SkyTest Cloud.


SkyTest Preparation App for DLR BU/GU includes the following training modules:

Bourdon Test (ABQ)
Perceptual Speed (OWT)
Signals Processing Test (SVT)
Triangle Test (SKT)

Acoustical Memory Test (AKM)
Letter Memory Test (BGT)
Running Memory Span Test (RMS)
Visual Memory Capacity (VMC)
Visual Memory Test (VIM)

Cube Folding Test (CFT)
Cube Rotation Test (ROT)
Rotating Maze Test (RMZ)
Spatial Orientation (VLR)
Tube in Cube Test (SFT)

Monitoring and Instrument Coordination (MIC)
Multi Monitoring Test (MMT)
Test for Operative Multitasking (TOM)

Maths & Logics
Adaptive Matrices Test (AMT)
Math Word Problems (RAG)
Mental Arithmetic (KRN)
Number Series (NUS)
Numerical Estimation (EST)
Symbol Addition (SAD)


Technical Comprehension
General knowledge

English Language

Scope of Software

SkyTest Preparation App for DLR BU/GU accommodates several features to support training experience and outcome. The software is bilingual (English and German) you may switch between the languages any time.

Training Modules
Comprehensive test explanations and interactive First Steps demos to get a quick feeling for the test
Several default difficulty levels for each training module
Randomly generated tasks to avert recurring tasks
Extensive custom settings options for each training module

Performance Statement
Comprehensive performance analysis after each training session
Feedback on individual aspects of tests
Performance graphs to illustrate performance developments in tasks

Stat tool with graphs to illustrate long-term performance development
Avg. performance graphs to benchmark your performance against
Save test results, settings and performance graphs for each test sessions to compare them later

SkyTest Training Assistant
Guides you through the training modules to support an efficient time resourcing and maximize training outcome
Takes your current performance level into consideration when suggesting the next training step for a sustained advancement of your performance
Applies difficulty settings that reflect upon your current performance and outlines the next steps
Puts emphasize on tests that returned a below-average performance
Recognizes task aspects that caused you problems and puts more focus on these

SkyTest Cloud (participation optional)
Save your performance data on a SkyTest server to restore your last training level in case of a re-installation of the app or exchange of the training device
Auto-sync your training levels if you use the software on several devices (like a tablet and a desktop computer)
Benchmark your performance against anonymized pool performance stats from the SkyTest user community
Embedded boards to exchange information and messages with other software users
Embedded support messaging client to approach the SkyTest support staff


Training modules of SkyTest software products are similar to the original tasks but not meant to simulate or reproduce actual tests. As this is a preparation product all modules were designed under the premises to deliver gradual performance enhancements in those ability domains identified crucial for a successful airline screening participation.
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