Silent Presentation Timer Apk Free Download Updated Version

Silent Presentation Timer is the most unobtrusive presentation timer, lecture timer, or meeting timer ever. Just keep the phone in your pocket and feel the silent vibrations. I use the timer during my own meetings, presentations, and lectures and I have been developing it using my own presentation experience.
And all this is for free, without ads.

- full Android Wear/smartwatch support, application runs on phone as well as on Wear
- ambient low power mode support with special presentation visualization on the Wear device
- configurable length of presentation/end time of presentation
- countdown presentation timer with visualisation
- green (lots of time left), orange (lots of time passed), red (close to end) indication of the time left for your presentation
- optional measurement of overdue time (violet)
- presentation timer can run in background
- runs if you put the phone to the sleep mode - set the timer, run, and put your phone sleeping to your pocket
- runs even if you switch to another application and the intervals will be still indicated by vibrations
- change of phone orientation or incoming call will not stop the presentation timer
- optional screen dimming (to save battery if you disable sleep)
- optional disable of the phone sleep mode

User's guide:

Have fun and enjoy your presentations!

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