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FREE to download, the Shearing app now includes LOJIK shearer training as an in app purchase allowing access to the worlds pre eminent shearer training and information entity: SHEAR POWER Pty Ltd. Follow multiple world record holder and coach Dwayne Black on a journey of discovery, insight and fact as you navigate and learn at your own pace everything you need to know about shearing.

Once the app is downloaded and logged into, the LOJIK section of app is accessed via the LOJIK tab on the left hand side of home screen.

The LOJIK section of app has 4 menu options. These are Shearing, Gear, Bodycare and Extras. Each of these menu options include a sub-category menu allowing simple, easy access to heaps of information and video based tutorials about how to shear sheep, shearing gear preparation and maintenance, bodycare tips and tricks, industry feedback & profiles. Having all of these resources in one place allows the user to source and learn at there own pace everything they will need to know about shearing.

PLUS: The Shearing app now includes the Tally & Wool Book section for FREE! To access the Tally & Wool Book section of app simply select the Tally & Wool Book tab on the right hand side of the home screen.

The Tally and Wool Book section of app enables the user to enter, store, automatically calculate and display all relevant data associated with sheep shearing on an on going and daily basis until the job is done.

Property, sheep, shearer, wool handler & shed sta employment details are all able to be entered as well as sheep numbers, hours worked and details of bales of wool being produced, including all branding requirements.

The user can enter as much detail required to record & calculate all relevant shearing data, including the ability to generate a comprehensive payslip report for yourself or each member of a shearing team.

Included in Tally & Wool Book is an incident report section for entry and storage of any workplace event as required. There is the ability to generate personal shearing statistics as well as a diary and daily planner section and the ability to capture and store photos & footage for social or employment purposes.

Last but not least the app includes an Information section providing the user with a bale branding description guide, and the latest summary of the Pastoral Industry Award, accessible within all sections of app.

The Shearing app provides a singular destination to not only learn how to shear but also record and display all relevant shearing information. Whether for a shearing team, or for personal use, the shearing app is quick, simple and easy to use.
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