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About this app:

Secret Murder is the evolution of Spyfall!

With new twists and locations, the Sheriff better watch their back.

Here is how you play Secret Murder (more detailed instructions are provided in the game).

The basics of the game is that the Murderer is trying to frame the Sheriff. The Sheriff is trying to use the Truth Teller to figure out the location while trying to find the Murderer. The Liar is thrown in to add a twist. The difference between the Murderer and the Liar (if played correctly) is the Murderers answers might sometimes be right and sometimes be wrong (due to guessing) while the Liar is always wrong. If the Murderer figures out the location, it will be near impossible to guess who the Murderer is, therefore the bystanders need to be very careful when answering questions in order to not reveal too much information.

Murderer - Knows the Sheriff
Truth Teller - Knows the Liar; Knows the location; Must be 100% truthful
Liar - Knows the location; Must always lie
Sheriff - Knows the Truth Teller; Can not reveal their identity unless to arrest/guess the Murderer
Bystander - Knows the location

Secret Murder can be played with 4-16 people and is great fun for the whole family!
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