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The Reconnect App was designed by Nishah Dennison - a Psychotherapist and Spiritual Practitioner with over two decades of experience. It was originally developed for her own use but she decided it would benefit others as a Mental Health Aid and tool for Spiritual Growth.

There are various options to shape your one-minute meditations. You can select beautiful music to play during each minute and simply close your eyes whilst the music plays - you will know its up when the music fades. You can also select random mode to hear different music each time. If you wish to meditate in silence you can select a beautiful notification sound, such as a harp or flute, to inform you of the start and the end of the full minute. Simply sit in silence until notified of the end.

If you want, you can focus on a particular area of your body or an energy centre (chakra) during each minute. For instance, focusing on your upper chest your breathing and sensations, or focus on your heart chakra within the chest area. This is excellent for developing Mindfulness of the Body. Getting in touch with your body at regular intervals is highly beneficial, especially for those with body issues of all kinds. For instance with eating disorders and weight issues, there is often a disconnect from the body, so reconnecting with the body is an essential part of the healing process. Further guidelines and suggestions are provided.

If you are interested in Affirmations or Mantras, these can be selected to appear each minute. This is a great way to re-programme the unconscious mind, contemplate an issue, or use creative visualisation each minute. Simply select one that has meaning for you or select Random mode to be inspired with something new and positive each hour. There is also the added bonus of creating your own custom Affirmation or custom Mantra to arise each hour, depending on what you are working on in your personal development.

Additional uses: you can input any kind of note, reminder or message to arise every hour. This is excellent for revision purposes, health reminders or even keeping a business on track with goals and areas of focus for that day. You may also find that you want to meditate for longer - simply carry on beyond the minute, or use ReConnect to notify you of your morning/evening meditation session and carry on meditating after the minute is up. Be creative!

If you want, you can check how much time you have accrued. There is a detailed breakdown, recorded for you to keep track of - Every Minute Counts!

Finally, why not opt for a Day of Silence. Non-talking is hugely beneficial. Many retreats are Silent Retreats for a good reason, but there is no need to attend a retreat in order to practice silence. Practising silence is a way of retaining your vital energy, as talking can burn and waste energy. Being silent cultivates deeper self-awareness and deeper self-reflection as one is naturally directed to go within and experience ones inner world more. Talking is often distracting and takes us away from ourselves, and if not careful cultivates shallow communication. So ironically, Non-Talking promotes better communication. If you arent speaking for the sake of it, you start to experience the value of words and expression more fully; this leads to more meaningful conversations and improves intimacy and ones connection with others. For fun and practical purposes, you can choose a display sign to let people know that you are In Silence, or you can create your own Custom Sign to show people.

Whilst ReConnect has been designed to look simple and is easy to use, there are many options and uses that you can enjoy. Try it and observe the benefits.
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