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About this app:

Rate Analysis is a unique app which has rate analyses of all major construction items. These rate analyses have been derived from years of experience in the construction industry.

It is a must have app for developers, architects, interior designers, civil engineers, contractors, estimators & can also prove an useful tool for persons who are building their own house or doing interior works.

Rate Analysis is a part of Build Info family. Learn more about it on buildinfo.co.in
You can also use the web version on buildinfo.co.in


1) Gives you rate analysis of construction items for standard quantity
2) Gives flexibility to enter your project quantity & get rate analysis for the same
3) Gives material requirement & costing for standard quantity as well as your entered quantity
4) Gives flexibility to enter your rates for material & labour & gives total cost for your entered rates
5) You can edit the material/labour names, constants and rates and save them as My rate analysis.
6) You can convert the rate analysis in Image format & save/ share it for your records
7) Material/Labour rates are updated periodically.
8) It is very easy to access & use.

Rate analysis helps you to finalize material specification, do the project budgeting, plan your purchases, cross check material consumption & to achieve cost control.

To check out the app, watch this you tube video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l9Ad_8LdwQ&feature=youtu.be
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