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QRGen is real-life shopping with online delivery.
Please note, that this is a Application in Beta Stage.
QRGen Technology is presenting the first of its kind App that allows real-time tracking of the QR codes generated by you. You can track the scan count of any QR that you generate and also view the entire list of people that scanned it. For those who dont want carry bags in citys, and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective with QRGen Shopping. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us. It suddenly struck me that every marketplace is fast and unpersonal, online was the only experience.
I put up my thoughts and created QRGen. Combining a online and offline QRGeneration with a new shopping experience. A Multivervse within the QRGen Ecosystem, Shopping, Advertisement, in Game Development.

Key Features:

- Generate customized QR Codes. Change the foreground and background colors of the QR code as well as upload a logo to your QR as well.

- When someone scans your QR using the QRGen app, you'll see the scan count for the QR update in real-time.

- When your QR is scanned by someone using the QRGen app, you'll also see their name in the QR analytics section.

- Access to advanced profile analytics showing real-time updates on the number of QRs generated by you, scanned by you and the number of times your QRs were scanned by others.

- Built-in QR code scanner to scan any type of QR codes.

- The ability to print and share the generated QR codes.

qrgen app Code Generator and real-time QR code analytics.

Protected by the web and patent pending.

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