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In Quran Surah Yusuf (Story of prophet yusuf).
Firstly, it is the only place in the Quran where the story of the Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam) is mentioned. No other surah mentions the story of the Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam). If you compare this to, lets say, the story of the Prophet Musa (alayhi salaam), the story of Prophet Musa is mentioned in over 25 different locations. The story of our father Adam (alayhi salaam) is mentioned in over half a dozen locations. The story of Isa (alayhi salaam) is mentioned almost a dozen times. The story of the Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaam) only exists in this surah. In fact, even the name of the Prophet Yusuf occurs only once or twice in passing in Surah Al-Anm and Surah Ghaafir, but there is no story at all. The stories about what happened with the Yusuf (alayhi salaam) only occur in this particular surah.
Secondly, it is the only surah in the Quran that has a unified story as its theme from the beginning to the end. The whole surah is nothing but a story. There is no other surah of length in the Quran we are not talking about the small surahs at the end of Juz Amma, but we are talking about any surah basically more than 10-15 ayahs there is no surah in the whole Quran that is a unified story from the beginning to the end.
And there is no place in the whole Quran where an entire 15 pages is dedicated to one story. It is a chronological story from the beginning to the end. This is not just very rare but unique. There is no other place like it in the whole Quran.

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