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PushFree Pro Push yourself free

The repetition patterns in our lives have the effect of traps that we get into over and over again. The way out and to change for new qualities employs most people.
Luckily, there is a simple and very effective way to break out of these traps, and anyone can use it now at any time.
For the tablet and smartphone generation, this app is now available.

PushFree Pro Features:
The basic features of this app include the functionality of the free version (PushFree) and are created according to the descriptions in the paperback book 'The traps fall: free yourself' by Dr. Hans Hein. In this booklet you will also find the theoretical background to the function of the trap mode of this app, as well as a detailed description of the underlying method.
In addition, PushFree Pro also supports recent developments and findings by Dr. Hans Hein in the context of more complex scenarios that can be worked on with five system points.
In addition to these purely content-related functions, it is possible in the Pro version to color all traps and system points individually and to give them names. The user can then decide for himself if and when he wants to display the names.
Also, the Pro version can handle up to five different scenarios. These scenarios can be created as traps or as a system model.
As an entry-level help, or if you want to go fast, the Pro version offers the user to use a predefined pattern (pentagon) for the five-point system. This default pattern is used by PushFree Pro to set up a standard board for initial practice after installing or deleting all saved scenarios. This standard board can be changed at any time or deleted completely.

Data protection and privacy:
PushFree Pro and PushFree do not request, store or send any personal data. Only user-entered board names and token titles, token colors, and token location data and background graphics are stored in the device memory for exclusive processing and use by PushFree Pro / PushFree. Appropriate device permissions are required for this, without which both apps can not work properly. The stored data will not be transmitted to any external system.
At any time, the user can delete the data stored by himself in the device memory by pressing the button 'Delete all boards'.
Uninstalling the app without first deleting the data will cause the stored data to remain in the device's memory. In this case, these data must be manually deleted using appropriate tools.
A tracking of the usage behavior or a control of the application based thereon does not take place.
PushFree Pro and PushFree are 100% free of advertising of any kind.

Copyright 2018, Becker Systemberatung, All rights reservered
The use of the logo and the explanations on the methodological background is done with friendly permission of Dr. Hans Hein.
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