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About this app:

Princess Raqiibina is one of the Muslim Princess series. Children will learn about 99 Asmaul Husna - The Beautiful Names (of Allah), and understand the meaning of names from each characters.

Princess Raqiibina grew to be a smart girl. She was always curious with everything around her. She keenly observed humans, animals, plants, and natural creatures. One night, the King found Princess Raqiibina was staring at the sky. The King smiled. He knew what to do to make her daughter smile.
The King gave the Princess a gift in the morning. The King pointed to the sky. Princess Raqiibina was so happy. She tried the telescope at the night. She saw the stars from the Palaces tower. Subhanallah, the stars are so close, she said to herself.
Suddenly, the brightest star greeted her. Princess Raqiibina didnt believe the star could talk. It must be a magic telescope! She thought. What was star said? Find out the rest of the story while you're enjoying the app!

Features :
*Read to me and read by myself
*Mini games
*Fully narrated in multiple voices
*Educational interactive book for kids free
*Touch,Shake and many more interactive the character to explore further strory lines
*Easy and simple story lines
*Featuring a charming musical and playful sound effect
**This app's features are available in english and indonesian but in different app's**

Princess Ghafira
Princess Majidina
Princess Wadida
Princess Muqita
Princess Shamadina
Princess Badindi
Princess Waaritsya

*Based on Muslim Princess Series Book.

Enjoy the app's!
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