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Pranayama App is your professional respiratory coach for strengthening the vagus nerve and the whole of your nervous system. Life can move pretty fast at times, by enabling respiratory training, anywhere, anytime, you can conveniently prevent stress-related functional disorders, by increasing resistance to stress, and adding resilience to the body.

Pranayama - meaning Breath Control. The aim of practising Pranayama is to stimulate, regulate and harmonise vital energy of the body. Just as a bath is required for purifying the body, in the same way Pranayama is also required for purifying the mind, body and soul.

The Breath has a profound affect on the Mind and the nervous system and hence this infiltrates the rest of the body. Breathing has beneficial effects to every level of our being from calming the mind, the nervous system and affecting every organ of our body through cardiovascular system, gastro-intestinal system, hormonal system, the immune system, the energy node, detoxification (liver, kidney, colon etc). Act of breathing hence strengthens and tones every part of the body and mind.

Oxygen is required for the very existence of life
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