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About this app:

The play ground awaits.
From simple falling balls to complex physics-driven contraptions, they can all be made in this 2D physics sandbox.


-Simple primitives: simply select the circle or square then drag on screen to create and scale it. Then just let go and physics will do the rest.

-Freeform drawing: just draw the shape you want on the screen using your finger and it will turn into a real physical object. It can be anything from a rock to a rocky mountain. If you can draw it we can create it.

-Joints: for those times when you want to connect objects together we have a simple fixed joint and a spring. You can make things like swinging arms, car suspensions, bridges or any other thing you may think of.

-Edit: you can edit parameters for the objects you create, like mass, friction and bounciness. If there are springs attached to the object you can control spring stiffness and damping.

-Control: in edit mode, adjust the torque slider then use the arrows to rotate the selected object. Perfect for controlling wheels on cars but you can use it for anything you want.

-Camera follow: what it says on the tin. The camera will follow the object you want. Select the object with edit mode then click on the tiny camera in the toolbar. To unfollow just switch to Pan mode and pan away.

-Duplicate: tap on the duplicate button on the edit panel then tap anywhere on screen to create a copy of the currently selected object. Still experimental, can cause issues with objects with joints or springs attached.

-Remote control: tap on the remote control button on the edit panel to enable control for currently selected object.
Then any time you control another object all objects with remote control enabled will also be controlled.

-Time control: stay in control by slowing down time or doubling its speed. The time control slider is at the bottom of the edit panel when selecting an object.

-Play/pause: stop the physics simulation so you can build your scene or contraption to your heart's content without having all your stuff fall over. Then hit play and watch the mayhem.

-Pinch zoom: because it's nice.

So jump into the sandbox and knock yourself out.
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