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Photo Effect Pro

About this app:

There are 100+ amazing effects collection.
Bevel : Create a bevel that raises the surface of an image according to a specified curve.
Blur : Simulate looking at Photo through an out-of-focus lens.
Drop Shadow : Create a shadow behind Photo.
Emboss Effect : Apply bump mapping to a visual element to give the impression of depth and texture from an artificial light source.
Outer Glow Effect : Create a halo of color around the perimeter of an Picture.
inner Glow Effect : Create a halo of color behind the perimeter of an Pic.
Splash Effect : Draw color on Real Photo.
Negative Photo effect : makes images in negative camera mode.
Gray scale image : Put Grayscale overlay.
Weaver Effect : puts weaver effect on photos.
Sketch effects : gray pencil sketches , sketches from different color.
Mirror effects : Provides mirror effect of image.
Light Effect : Puts Lens , Light Effect on photo.
Oil Paint Effect:
Bend Effect
Color Burn, Color Multiply, color blend effects. Various modes are available like Dissolve, Screen, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Dodge like Color Dodge, Linear Dodge and Burn Like Linear Burn, Color Burn, also Darken, Lighten Modes, arithmetic blend mode, Hue, saturation and luminosity
Under Water Effect: Looks like under water image.
Television Effect, Old times Photos, Photo-Frames, Photo-Flip and many other effects.
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