Photo Editor: Free Picture Editor Mirror Effects 1.9 4.3 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Mirror Photo Effects or Collage app allows you to create mirror reflection and photo filter effects of your photos and make photos artistic, fantastic and incredible collage of mirror effects.

From the elegantly creative to the weirdly symmetrical photo reflection, mirror images are mesmerizing and make surprisingly reflective and striking Kaleidoscope of visual illusions.

It is an easy to use photo editor, yet feature rich clone app, which enables you to transform even a quite ordinary looking photo into a work of art with different photo effects, split picture, camera mirror, Live Wallpaper, photo frames etc.

Photo Effects makes it incredibly easy to set your main subject against a new background. Example, the unwanted portion of the pic is removed in only few steps and placed in front of a new background, resulting in a completely new image with artistic split photo mirror effects.

Picture and Collage Photo Editor not only can mirror photo, but also can collage photo, make photo sensitivity. Now, just start to engage your imagination and see what you can create with it.

Take a Selfie and apply the Photo Mirror effects using this Top Collage Maker for beautiful photo mirror effects.

Download this app for editing photos and videos, making free cards, and creating photo collages anytime of the year and for any occassion! Choose from variety of photo grid layouts and sizes, exclusive stickers, cute background patterns and textures, and draw on your pic collages for best photo frames.

All filters come with several parameters to adjust, allowing for a large range of varied results. Effects can usually be simply placed by simple touch-drag for position and double-touch-drag for size.

How to use Photo Mirror Effects:

- Select photo from gallery or you can capture a new snap by camera for creating mirror effect.
- Choose a frame from any of the pre-designed backgrounds.
- Drag and Drop, Zoom In and Zoom Out to selected photo for the desired frame.
- Apply stylish photo filters.
- Selection for crop Image, to create best quality photo mirror effects.
- High resolution with high quality output.
- Share the edited photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. and other social media platforms instantly.

Top Features:

Horizontal flip:
This is especially good for portraits. To mirror the left side of the image, click the Mirror left button. To mirror the right side, click Mirror right. Decide how much of the original image is mirrored by adjusting the image by your fingers. Play with your fingers until you find what looks best to you, then click Apply to apply the effect.

Vertical flip:
This effect especially good with landscapes, but again, feel free to play around. To reflect the top portion of the image, click the Mirror top button. To reflect the bottom, click Mirror bottom. Adjust the image until it looks right to you and click Apply.

Double mirror:
To get an image thats reflected in quadrants, you want to do one horizontal flip and one vertical flip. Choose from either the Mirror left or Mirror right buttons and adjust your image until it looks how you like. Click Apply, then reopen the Mirror effect and choose from either the Mirror top or Mirror bottom buttons.

Ready for things to get really crazy? To get a super abstract, super visually engaging look, take that double mirror you made and take turns adding more horizontal and vertical flip by clicking Apply each time.

It is the best clone pics editor, Camera mirror editor, photo mirror editor, split picture editor, photo sticker editor, selfie editor, PIP editor mirror photo booth reflection and clone effects.

To make your pics and images more interesting, you can also add photo stickers and text on the photo. We keep adding beautiful stickers and nice text fonts for you to choose. So, please check for the updates regularly.

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