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Phonological Awareness Test

Preschool to Grade 5

Phonological Awareness holds predictive power in a childs later reading proficiency and is the strongest single determinant of the success they will experience in learning to read.

Because of the importance in the development of literacy, all 22 Phonological Awareness requirements have been spelled out by Common Core State Standards Initiative, . Unfortunately, most elementary schools still do not have a program to deal with their total incorporation into the curriculum, or only touch on the subject matter very loosely, incompletely, without organization, and without testing programs to evaluate each students individual needs and individual training. This test software was designed to test students in all 22 Phonological Awareness tasks, by an adult, to determine where the childs weaknesses lie, and to give them a foundation allowing them to plan for their childs reading success by intervening with specific training.

This test software was designed to be used by an adult to test a young child, Preschool to Grade 5. All 22 Phonological Awareness skills are tested in this program. Since a small child, in most cases, will not sit for an extensive test, this test software can be stopped at any point and saved until a time of continuation is determined by the adult, when the adult can restart the test where they last left off. Over 450 sound files are used to test the child in all 22 areas of Phonological Awareness. At the end of the program, percentages of correctness are given in each skill area and the adult can determine in which area, or areas, further training should be initiated.

Once your child takes the test, you can look at the scores he or she has received. You can then select the appropriate app for further practice and development of the phonological awareness skill(s), or go to our web site to see computer based software on CD. Although the phonological and phonemic awareness abilities have been sequenced as above, the targeted skills can be sequenced differently.

All tests in the program have both a written description, as well as an audio description, of what is expected of the child during any particular test. In this manner, the adult will have no doubt as to what is expected for the particular test. The adult giving the test can use the written description, or the audio description, or both. The only caveat is that the tester refrains from coaxing, or influencing the child in their decision making process and allows the child to make their best choice selections, right or wrong. If these simple rules are followed, the results of the test will have validity and can be used to plan a training program to bolster weak areas of Phonological Awareness, thereby increasing the probability of literacy success.

The following is a list of the Phonological and Phonemic Awareness abilities children need to acquire that are included in the Phonologics Phonological Awareness Test:

1.Whole Word Discrimination
2.Syllable Segmentation
3.Rhyme Recognition
4.Rhyme Production
5.Sound Discrimination
6.Sentence Segmentation
7.Syllable Blending
8.Sound Recognition Initial Position
9.Sound Approximation
10.Sound Isolation Initial Position
11.Sound Isolation Final Position
12.Sound Isolation Medial Position
13.Sound Blending
14.Sound Recognition Final Position
15.Sound Recognition Medial Position
16.Sound Segmentation
17.Syllable Deletion
18.Sound Deletion
19.Sound Addition
20.Sound Substitution Initial Position
21.Sound Substitution Final Position
22.Sound Substitution Medial Position
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