Pensum: Universities, Careers And Subjects 1.5.1 4.1 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Pensum is a tool for students who start their higher education and for all those who are studying for a degree or postgraduate. It has been designed to help select a career through a "career aptitude test" and access to the different curricula of all the degrees and postgraduate degrees (masters, specialties) of national universities.

It allows you to select a study plan (program), specify if the courses are being studied or they have already been completed, the record of grades and schedules; which allows to display an average progress of the selected study plan. In addition you can see the progress achieved in other curricula in case of changing or choose another.

It requires little Internet connectivity for its operation.

It has been designed for you and we hope you like it. Your comments will be of great help.

- Career aptitude test
- Follow-up to your study plan
- Class schedule
- Qualifications
- All the country's higher education programs in your hands

- Dominican Republic
- Colombia
- Argentina

We have a list of countries on the agenda, those who are interested will be the first. Many have hundreds of universities, so you need to specify which universities you are interested in, first. We will attend your request as soon as possible.

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