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About this app:

Greetings to people with or without Parkinsons disease.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson disease six years and I had to quit my work within electronics and microcontrollers, entering pension. My main concern is tremor and then sleep and rigidity.

In my country, you normally have consultation with your neurologist every half year. It is difficult, both for me and my neurologist, to remember and keep track of my condition, changes of medicines, effects and side effects of the medication, consultations with my GP etc. during this period.

I also find it difficult to describe tremors and other conditions, and valuable time is used to remember and repeat information.

I once asked my neurologist if it was an idea to make an app to keep track of tremors and other symptoms, and also include information about medicines and doctors appointments. She could absolutely see that this might be helpful in consultations.

I therefore decided to make an app. Responses to the app and progress of my own disease will decide if there will be an update in September/October.

Below is the "User manual".

Thank you and best wishes.

Sincerely Jan.


By "tap", I mean touch.

For general navigation: Tap on fields, buttons and BACK icon on the phone.

Tap on text fields with grey background to increase numbers (hereafter called levels).
Most fields move from level 0 to 5. One of the fields moves from level 0 to 1, and one from level 0 to 24. When the fields reach max. level they will reset to 0.
You/doctor can define your own meanings of these levels.
When you return to this screen, date of last registration and last recorded information will be shown.
Tap SAVE-button to save the on-screen information to database.

This screen shows statistics of the saved information.
By tapping on the 8 checkboxes on the left side and the 7 boxes on the right side, you will see line graphs of saved level information. Abbreviations of symptoms will be shown in the small field on the right side of the screen.
By tapping on points on the line graphs, input dates will be shown.
When you return to this screen, you will see the saved statistics.
Information on screen can be scrolled horizontally.

This procedure is explained on the screen.

The 3 vectors XYZ are added and then square rooted.
Last recording of 300 measurements is saved in database and shown when you return to this screen.

Shows average and maximum measured relative tremor levels of each saved 300 measurement recordings.
The green bar graphs shows the averages of each previously 300 recordings (also stated in numbers at the top of the bars and at the left Y axe).
The blue triangles show the max. recorded level within each previously 300 measurements. The levels can be seen at the right Y axe (vertical). When tapping on the triangles, you will see date of recording.
When returning to the screen, you will see recorded tremor levels.

Here you can make medicine lists by tapping on the New medicine button.
You can scroll through the medicine lists by tapping on the - and + button.
You have to tap on + to update after adding a new medicine.
Last recorded medicine will be shown when returning to screen.
Each field in the list is of text type, so you can write date/time according to your local time.

Keeps track of doctors appointments. Same procedure as MEDICATIONS.

Shows if database is online (exists) and size of database and its journal.
By checking the text boxes, you can delete contents of the corresponding database tables (records/rows).
(Primary key will be reset). You can delete the whole database and its journal by tapping on the DELETE DATABASE button.

These information are valid at release of app.

Written 26th of March 2018
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