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About this app:

Learning Numbers & Counting - Preschool Kids is a free app designed to help 'toddlers' learn basic of "'numbers and counting' using interactive "maths learning" games. It's targeted toward 2 - 4 years old 'toddlers' and 'nursery kids'.

There are seven 'maths learning' module which designed to teach and 'numbers and counting'. We believe 'maths learning for nursery kids' and "Numbers for Toddlers" should be simple, free, interactive and engaging so that they do not get overwhelmed. Our "Toddler Numbers and Counting" Free app make 'maths learning for nursery kids' and 'toddlers' fun and simple.

# 7 'Maths Learning' Modules of "Toddler Numbers and Counting" Free: -
1. Learn Numbers 1 - 10 : - Learn number shapes, number sound by touching balloons
2. Identify Numbers by sound: - Learn to identify and touch number by it's sound
3. Identify and Match Number: - Learn to drag and match given number with matching numbers in given option
4. Learn Number Order 1-10: - Identify Missing Number in Order
5. Learn Counting Numbers 1-10: - Learn to count from 1-10 by counting animals
6. Practice Counting: - Identify count of animals
7. Practice Number Order 1-10: - Drag and arrange numbers in order

# Our motto: -
'Numbers for Toddlers' should be fun. Maths should be fun. Learning should be fun. We believe that these 7 'maths learning' modules will make 'maths learning for nursery kids' and toddlers fun activity and will create a good understanding of 'numbers and counting'.

# Ads: -
Please note that "Toddler Numbers and Counting" Free is ad supported. We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as to not to disturb you during path.

We thank you for downloading our app. We do hope that you and your little toddlers / 'nursery kids' will really like our "Numbers for Toddlers Free" app "Toddlers Numbers and Counting Free" and they will enjoy 'learning maths' i.e - 'numbers and counting'.

Also, we plan to come up with more modules for "Numbers for Toddlers Free" app such as number writing, memory games and evaluation module so that you can be "Numbers for Toddlers" free in action.

We thanks you for your support and help in making "Numbers for Toddlers Free" success. Thanks.
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