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About this app:

Join the growing Muslim 3D community now. Visit and get involved in the creation process!

Welcome to a brand-new & shiny Muslim 3D (formerly known as Mecca 3D).
We have redesigned the whole experience and will release new content and add new languages on a constant basis.

Please understand that this is still a demo. Visit our website and sign up to our newsletter to get regular updates on our development progress and upcoming pro features!

Enjoy & Peace be with you!

What is Muslim 3D?

Think of Muslim 3D as a living, virtual museum, or as a book that has come to life!

Imagine a peaceful place, filled with devoted people, engaged in a place of worship, reading Quran, praying or performing Tawaf.

Imagine traveling with a personal guide on an adventurous pilgrimage - a Virtual Hajj in Makkah! Or going back in time for a breathtaking history lesson.

This and much more is Muslim 3D - an interactive software program which takes you on a fantastic journey to a Virtual World of Islam!

Developed and Published by BIGITEC GmbH, based in Germany.
The team behind Muslim 3D is a mix of tech savvy, highly experienced developers & creative designers.
The content is authentic and supervised by accredited sources.


Please note that this is just a limited demo edition. We are working on the full version with the following planned features (among others) to be released in Mid 2019:
- Hajj & Umrah Guide
- Prayer & Wudu' Guide (the ritual prayer & washing)
- Qibla Finder (Prayer direction using the internal compass)
- Prayer times with Athan
- Quran Media Player
- Extending the locations such as Safa & Marwa, Jabal Uhud, Muzdalifa, Mina, Jamarat etc.
- Ghar Hira' (the cave in which our Prophet Muhammad pbuh received the first revelation)
- Laylat Al Qadr (the Night of Power)
- Interior of the Kaaba
- Time travel to the past, for example to visit the house of house of the Prophet (pbuh) or to witness the construction of the Kaaba
- the Hijra from Mecca to Madina
- The farewell sermon of the Prophet (pbuh)
and many more

We look forward to your feedback via our website
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