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About this app:

MosqueClock is an application functioning as a Digital Clock to display prayer times and other functions.

mosqueClock is equipped with a prayer timer, a digital information board for the mosque that makes it easy to be a reminder of the Azan Schedule, iqamah schedule, to deliver mosque announcements for pilgrims, murottal players or Quran readings automatically a few minutes before the call to prayer and also as a means of delivering messages of da'wah.

mosqueClock uses a monitor / television screen to display its output so that the size of the mosque's digital clock can vary according to the size of the monitor / television used.


- mosqueClock can use monitor / television with 1360 768 pixel or 1920 1080 pixel resolution, so it can be displayed in monitors with large size.
- No internet connection required.
- The name and address of the mosque can be changed on its own.
- Opening pictures of calligraphic verses or hadiths for messages of da'wah and displayed - in slides that always change except during iqoma break and lag time of prayer.
- Displays the prayer time schedule of all time and for the whole world, because the time of prayer is calculated by astronomical formulas adjusted to the coordinates of longitude, latitude and altitude of sea level according to their respective regions.
- It functions to play automatic MP3s like Al-Quran audio minutes before the Azan time.
- Displays messages in the form of text animations with unlimited number of rows.
- Displays hijri and mascery calendar.
- Displays hours, days and auto dates.

Supporting Languages:

- English
- Arabic
- Indonesia

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