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Mileage Calculator/Tracker is a simple utility that allows you to calculate and track the mileage of more than one vehicle along with providing great insights on Mileage, Expense, Engine oil change, Insurance and Service Details.

Key Features:
Mileage Calculator - Calculate and track the Mileage of your vehicle.
Fuel Consumption - Know your vehicle's "Cost per Kilometre".
Store Local - Save Mileage details.
Fuel Invoice - Manage your fuel invoice as a image for every entry.
Fuel Manager - View Fuel Logs.
Service Manager - Save Service(Engine oil change)/Insurance details.
Insurance Reminder - Get next service/insurance calculation.
Service Reminder - View Service/Insurance Logs
Insurance Reminder - Receive a service/insurance alert notifications.
Manage Data - Able to Delete all Fuel and Service Logs of a particular vehicle.
Multiple Vehicle - Maintain more than one vehicle details.
Google Backup - Google drive Backup/Restore option added in settings.

How does the App calculate the Mileage ?

Mileage Calculator follows the "Full Tank" way of calculating Mileage. So if you tend to fill up your tank full every time, this app will give the correct results. However if you tend to do other wise, then the app will provide erroneous results.

Here are a few links to help you with the "Full Tank" way of calculating Mileage:


*** Get service and insurance notifications based on the user settings.

*** NOTE: This app store all data on the device. We are not liable for any kind of data losses.

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We are working hard to bring more features in Mileage Calculator

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