Max Zooper 0.3 4.0.3 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Max Zooper is a set of 60+ skins , includes weather, calendar, battery and clock widgets.
A Little Something For Everyone.

If you get fonts error, Just open Ace Zooper app from your app-drawer and press install iconsets option, it will automatically fix the font and iconsets error.

This is not a stand-alone app! You must have Zooper Widget Pro installed for this to work.
Does Not Work On The Free Version.

1.Download and install Zooper widget pro 2.38 or above.
2.Download and install Max Zooper.
3.Open Ace Zooper from the app drawer and install iconsets.
4.Add Zooper widget to your home screen. (4x4 preferably)
5.Choose Ace Zooper from Zooper skins and select the widget to apply.
6.You're done.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact me.

A big thanks to Prithu Goswami for the Awesome Iconset "MatWeather"
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