Marshall Bluetooth 5.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

The Marshall Bluetooth app lets you experience the full potential of Marshall Acton II, Stanmore II and Woburn II speakers.

Stereo Pairing:
Couple two Marshall Bluetooth speakers to play the same source synchronized or as a stereo pair, one left speaker and the other the right.

Music Player:
Control the audio you are playing with play/pause, forward/backward and adjust the volume.

Customize Your Sound:
Choose one of the several EQ presets or set a custom 5 band EQ to your sound preference.

Rename Speakers:
Change the name of your speakers to easier keep track of your Bluetooth devices.

Switch Input Source:
Easily switch between Bluetooth, AUX and RCA.

Easy Access Product Guide:
Get instant access to quick guide and user manual.

Adjust LED lights:
Control and set the intensity of the LED lights on the top panel of the speakers.

Update Speaker Software:
This app is the only way to download and get your speakers running on the latest firmware.

Note! This app works with:
Marshall Acton II
Marshall Stanmore II
Marshall Woburn II

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