Magnetic Balls 480k 2.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

There are three puzzles in one game!
If you like to think and have a diligence, this game is for you.
Magnetic balls have color markers on six sides (similar to cube).They are mixed after pressing Start .
They need to be collected (with any color), keeping the position of colors not only in the center but also on all visible sides.
However, the balls are magnetized so that the rotation of the ball affects the other.

In the first puzzle, with the rotation of the ball is spinning the whole row (horizontally or vertically).
In the second game, the balls are spinning like in first puzzle but touching the nearby rows.
In the third puzzle game you should press on the ball, and the balls nearby are turning in it direction.
Only Master will be able to collect them all.
You are a Master?

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