Link Puzzle 4.1 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Link is a puzzle game for all ages, If you love puzzles this game will give you thousands of hours of entertainment and healthy fun, which in turn helps to boost brain skills

# Characteristics:

* FREE: now and forever!
* 3 levels of difficulty: basic, advanced and master (each with its own sub levels)
* Different sizes of boards
* more than 750 puzzles
* Clean and colorful graphics
* Simple and easy to use single-finger,
* Feel free to use tips if you are stuck at any level
* Improves brain capacity and agility
* Supports all display, mobile and tablet sizes
* HD quality
* Share screen shot of completed levels in whatsapp, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

# How to play?

Just touch a point and drag it to another point of the same color to make a link.
Do this for all pairs of dots of the same color.
A level is considered complete only when the entire board is filled with pipes connecting the same colored dots.

Have fun!

Thank you for your support and comments!

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