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About this app:

Lenz heat app

Do you own Lenz heat socks, a Lenz heat vest, Lenz heat insoles, a Lenz heat bandage or a Lenz LED system?

Enjoy the comfort and easy handling by simply controlling your Lenz Heat or Led product with your smartphone. Precise information about the charge status of the battery is available to you at all times. The temperature can be easily regulated with one hand. In addition, direct support is available via an integrated service hotline.

You can upgrade your battery pack with online firmware updates at any time.

Smartphone minimum requirement:
Android 4.3, Bluetooth 4.0 (SMART Ready)

Instructions for use:

After installing the app, it is possible to watch an introductory video.

Press the "REGISTRATION INFO" key.
Enter registration information or disable registration.


The APP changes to the MENU >>> "BATTERY PACK SEARCH"

Switch all lithium packs (maximum 4) into the "PAIRING MODE" :
Press & hold the button on lithium pack for 10 seconds until the three LEDs are flashing
and the middle LED lights up constantly.
Release the button after them.

Step 3:
Switch "START SCAN" to "ON"
The APP is scanning for lithium packs now, the number of found packs is displayed.

Step 4:
All found lithium packs can be assigned to the body position now.
Press the desired body position by "+" (upper body or feet, left or right).
The found battery packs are listed now, by selecting they are assigned to the desired position.
Repeat the process for each displayed Lithium Pack.
Complete the configuration with "SAVE".
The lithium packs are now permanently paired with the APP and can be controlled remotely.

A)Heating mode, remote controlled:
Select MENU > "HOME" .
(middle ICON in the lower MENU BAR)
Select the corresponding part of the body "feet" or "upper body"
Set the desired heating level with the slider.
During the active mode of the app, direct operation via the button on the lithium pack is locked.
If the app is placed in the background,
the direct operation via the button on the lithium pack is released again.

When the lithium pack is not connected to any heating product (sock, vest, insole, ...)
It will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.
The pack is activated again by pressing the button one time.

On request, personal data can be stored. (Photo, country, email address, ..)
Select MENU>>> Personally. (left ICON in the lower MENU bar)
Press "Edit Profile" button, enter data, complete with "BACK.
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