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The Locksmiths Automotive Assistant




I know we all hate subscription software but to ensure LARA gets continually updated and to keep the servers running it needs to be subscription based.

That said you get a 7 day trial with the 6 month subscription and 14 day trial with the 12 month subscription. Cancel before the 7 to 14 days and it will cost you nothing to trial LARA.

Now the Good Stuff!!

LARAis an App for the Automotive Locksmith running on your Phone or Tablet.

LARA makes Locksmiths lives a lot easier by putting
Key, Transponder, Remote & Lishi tool information right at your finger tips.
As well as being able to decode the car lock and verify the bitting before you even remove your Lishi tool from the lock.


Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) library built right into LARA
Voice commands whilst decoding to keep both hands free.
KeyDIYThe most comprehensive Reference library available on your phone
Swipe from LEFT for menu (for phones without menu button)
Decode with 1/2 cuts when your not sure of a depth.
My Tools highlighter shows instantly which tools you currently have and what tools you need.
Visual MACS validation as you decode your lock LARA will highlight impossible combinations.
LARA Rekeynow lets you choose wafers to swap around and returns a list of valid codes
LARA Codes returns the valid bittings in a Cutting Tree to minimize key blank wastage and save time.
On board transponder programming procedures.
Remote programming procedures.
Backup and Restore to your Drop Box. Means user files/notes can be Restored to all of your devices.

LARA started out life as LishiAssistant but has grown far beyond this now.

LARA is firstly a notepad to record the decoded cuts of a car lock when decoded by a variety of tools. As you are decoding your lock with your Lishi 2 in 1 or Determinator tools or any other automotive reading tool, you can enter the cuts into LARA.
LARA will suggest which wafers are in the door lock for you. Once finished in many cases you can run your bitting through LARA Codes Online whilst still standing at the vehicle door. Or of course Instacode or similar code software to verify you have a valid code.

There is quite a lot of information that LARA has to help you along your way to making keys to that vehicle, such as:

Vehicle make and general model information
Code series used
What wafers are likely to be in the door lock.
Code rules which can help to ensure you are decoding each lockcorrectly.

LARA Plus is vehicle information I have gathered from personal
experience or have verified to me. I do not just look up books and add random data, so you will not find every vehicle in the world. At the moment there is information on around 1200 vehicles. Again this is information I have been able to verify.

Just like LARA Codes don't have all the codes just whats needed and what I have been able to gather.

Please note that whilst I have made every effort to ensure all data is correct there are bound to be errors and it is up to you to ensure you are using the correct equipment, keys, transponder, remotes and procedures.

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