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The pistol of Aimo Lahti
- The career of Aimo Johannes Lahti
- VKT Lahti pistols (four types)
- Swedish Lahti pistol under licence
- Four types of receiver can be encountered
- Other modifications
- Cracked receivers
Field stripping of the Lahti pistol
- Partly like the Luger
- A particular drawback of this design
Advanced dismounting of the breechblock
- The extractor
- The firing pin
Advanced dismounting of the receiver
- The barrel nut
- The front sight
- The ejector
- The accelerator
- Parts Legend (receiver assembly)
Advanced dismounting of the frame (I)
- Dismounting of the recoil spring
- The Finnish Lahti recoil spring
- Dismounting of the takedown lever
- Dismounting of the safety lever and grip plates
Advanced dismounting of the frame (II)
- Dismounting of the magazine catch
- Dismounting of the trigger assembly
Advanced dismounting of the frame (III)
- Dismounting of the hammer and sear
- Dismounting of the hold-open catch
- Parts Legend (frame assembly)
Breech locking of the Lahti pistol
- The principle of the Lahti operating system
- Animated sequence
- Comparison with the Bergmann-Bayard Model 1903
- Animated sequence
Firing cycle of the Lahti pistol
- Chambering of a fresh cartridge
- Aimo Lahti has opted for an internal hammer
- Trigger and firing system
- Animated sequence
- The hold-open catch
Recoil accelerator, disconnector and safety
- How the recoil accelerator functions
- A system used in the Browning machine gun Model 1917
- The disconnecting process
- The Lahti's safety
Lahti's markings
- Serial number (prefix letter A, F, H or D)
- Producer markings
- Unit markings
- Acceptance markings
- Government inspectors
Lahti's accessories
- The magazine
- Holsters and accessories
- The detachable stocks
- The lanyard
- The double bin oiler
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