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About this app:

The Quickest Way to Lookup Kanji on Your Device
Kaku is a fast, powerful Japanese dictionary that stays on top of all your apps. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to recognize kanji on the device screen for you (rather than the slowww tedious process of looking up individual characters manually), making it perfect for Japanese learners who want to study by reading raw manga, play untranslated mobile games, and so on without the hassle of switching apps on Android.

Inspired by the Best Japanese Reading Tools
If you ever used KanjiTomo, this is the Android equivalent. Kaku is also the closest you can get to browser extensions like Rikaikun / Rikaichan / Rikaisama / Yomichan on Android.

Open up Endless Study Opportunities
Being able to quickly lookup kanji inside any app makes it easier to practice Japanese than ever. Use Kaku to:
Transition to reading your favorite manga in Japanese instead of English
Play numerous untranslated Japanese mobile games not available in the English
Easily lookup kanji in apps that don't allow copying of text, i.e., Twitter
Read Japanese in the original app instead of "sharing" the text to another reader app
Use Kaku with Chrome as Android's version of the Rikai-tachis
Lookup kanji in random images you may encounter

Keeping it Classy and Free
Kaku works entirely offline and does not collect nor send user data.

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