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Are you interested in web development? Then you can not do without JavaScript. Pages and blocks with animation, flying and rotating pictures, and many other dynamic decorations are written in this language. It is used for interactive buttons, forms, and more. JavaScript is an important part of any front-end development. If you are learning HTML / CSS, be sure to supplement your list with this language.

JavaScript was originally created by the javascript directory in order javascript tutorial to make javascript tutorial offline web pages live. The javascript programs tutorial offline app on this javascript language task are called javascript book scripts. javascript examples and how javascript training only loads javascript sandbox page - javascript tutorial right there javascript application run. When javascript was created self-paced javascript language javascript was originally taught javascript tutorial another name: javascript Lessons from LiveScript It was planned that JavaScript would be a kind of younger brother of Java. However, history had its own way, JavaScript has grown a lot, and now it is a completely independent language, with its specification, which is called ECMAScript, and has nothing to do with Java. It has many features that complicate the development, but in the course of the textbook we will deal with them. Modern JavaScript is a "safe" programming language of general purpose. It does not provide low-level means of working with memory, processor, as it was originally oriented, in which not required. As for the other features, they depend on the environment in which JavaScript is running. In JavaScript, it can do everything related to page manipulation, interaction with the visitor and, to some extent, with the server: JavaScript is a fast and powerful language, but imposes some restrictions on its execution ... This is done to protect users, so that an attacker could not get personal data using JavaScript or somehow harm the user's computer.
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